Dec 31

What is Your Soul’s Tapestry?

As 2009 ends we have a tradition in my family to set our “New Year’s Resolutions” — write them down and most likely forget about them.  Then discover the list the next year and do it again.

This year is different for the 3 of us living in my house.  We are all (in different ways) at crossroads in our creativity.  Steve, my deep thinking husband, is honing a software project that he has been working on for a long time to the point that it can actually be used and most useful to other people now.  Stephanie, my wise and opinionated daughter, is going to CU in Boulder and this new year begins her entrance into the Art program there, as well as a blossoming of her not insignificant writing skills.

And I am stepping out (or being pushed by Spirit more likely) into the world to share my knowledge and my lifetime of experience with others in new ways.  I have been a Master Rapid Eye Practitioner since 1996 and a spiritual seeker, coach and teacher since the early 70’s.

I recently reconnected with a dear friend from my early days of study in the Church of Religious Science.  As we rekindled our friendship she happened to mention that she found a very useful and accurate system for understanding Soul Psychology, it is hand analysis.  My first response was oh noes palmistry!!  However Lifeprints, as it is called, is not about predicting the future but is based on fingerprints (and other indicators in the hand) and the permanent map they provide to our life purpose, life lessons and life path or “school” as this system describes it.

I have always been into “what works” (as my finger prints plainly reveal) and the Lifeprints system showed me the pattern of my life from early childhood and how my personal life purpose is not only about doing something, but is about who I am and how I have created my life.

Two of the processes I have learned are healing threads in the Tapestry of my life and the lives of the people I have touched.  With the threads of, Hand Analysis and Rapid Eye Techniques, I bring these two systems together to assist people in finding their unique Life Purpose and heal any blocks or challenges to their Purpose so they may begin living with excitement a life of new possibilities.