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Welcome Seekers of a Purpose-Filled Life
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Discovering your true Life’s Purpose is now at your fingertips.


Hand Analysis is a scientific, proven, accurate, non-predictive system of reading your hands to clarify your life path with all it’s gifts and challenges.

A reading of the map in your hands and fingertips can determine not only your Life’s Purpose, but the challenges that are the barriers to realizing your best life, I call it your Right Life.

A Hand Analysis session can enhance your life by showing you where you need to focus in order to work with the life patterns that keep you from a satisfying, joy-centered and ultimately abundant life.

Your hand reading may reveal blocked, stuck or traumatic energy around your life challenges or obstacles.  In that case, we can set up an appointment to release this pain, sadness or negative energy with the  Rapid Eye process.

Applying this system of Hand Analysis backed up by the powerful and effective Rapid Eye Process is unique to my work.  And the combination of using the challenges and blocks discovered in a hand reading along with Rapid Eye Techniques will enable you to move more quickly to the heart of these issues and clear the stress around these challenges.

You can experience greater satisfaction with your relationships, have more physical and emotional well-being, as well as experience the energy, confidence and clarity to begin moving into your true Life Purpose.

Give yourself a chance to experience a Purpose-Filled Life!

Sandy Schafer, IIHA Certified Hand Analyst,
Master Rapid Eye Practitioner, NLP