Welcome Seekers of a Purpose-Filled Life
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Discovering your true life’s purpose is now at your fingertips.

Hand Analysis is a scientifically, proven, accurate, non-predictive system of palmistry and hand reading to clarify your life path with all it’s gifts and challenges.

A reading of the map in your hands and fingertips can determine not only your life’s purpose, but the challenges and barriers to realizing your most fulfilling life  —  I call it your Best Life.

A Hand Analysis session can enhance your life by showing you where you need to focus to work with your life patterns that may keep you from a satisfying, joy-centered and ultimately abundant life.

Give yourself a chance to experience a purpose-filled Life!

Sandy Schafer, Life Purpose Coach,
 Certified Hand Analyst IIHA,
Rapid  Emotional Transformation Practitioner, NLP