Learning to Trust

June 25, 2012

After our session today I have some additional thoughts for you.

Your little fingers show that you have the Life Lesson of trust, intimacy, surrender and control, as do so many of my clients.  You came to this earth plane with these issues, landing here anxious and not trusting that love, life and your family would catch you and hold and protect you with their loving arms.  The real question was not whether they would catch you, but how you would respond to your Lesson.  And since our Lesson is our blind spot — you acted from your very beginning as though yes indeed, life will not catch and hold you.  And so life confirmed to you what you expected.

The good news is that your Lesson (as the various Lessons everyone has) is showing you how to ultimately turn it into a gift, a strength — which you can then teach to the world.  Imagine how joyous it is to lead others to the realization that they can trust that Life can do nothing but catch and carry them to their greater good as they surrender and trust in the Goodness that is all around them.

Just a reminder that with every blink of your eyes and every beat of your heart you are moving closer and closer to fulfilling your Life Purpose through experiencing and re-framing your Life Lesson into your greatest gift.



Let go of the Old and Embrace New Possibilities

On June 22, 2012,  I woke up inspired by a dream. I wanted to start writing about what matters.  I know that you have been impatient to do a deep cleaning in your basement, to rid yourself of years of burdensome clutter. There’s too much stuff, and it’s all mind-sucking trivia. So now it is time.  When you’re clearing it out, just be sure to allow yourself time to process on an inner level too. You know your basement is reflecting your subconscious state.

You’ve got those lines on your thumbs, you know. I’ve read them and I always want to remind you.  Your hands tell the story of all the worry and doubt that shows up as dysfunction in your subconscious mind.  So take a deep look at the beliefs, the habits, and the attitudes you are clinging to and allow time to release them as you release the clutter.

With the freedom of harmony and order – both inner and outer – you will be able to release your muse and express clearly what matters most to your Soul.  You will be able to put yourself into the flow and move easily and joyfully towards your heart’s desire.

Be patient, this is big work.  Take the time you need to honor the past and gently release it, and with open arms embrace the new and unknown possibilities of your future.


The Inner Critic

In Hand Analysis, we can pinpoint our challenges by the lines, gift marks, shape, even color of the hands.  One such indicator is for the “Inner Critic”.  Recently I was reading hands for a group of people and one person came up to me for a quick look.  I looked at her hands and commented that they were sure yellow.  She said yes, she eats LOTS of carrots.  I pointed out that yellow hands mean that her “Inner Critic” is really active and she almost fell off her chair.  Yes, she had been dealing with that!

The beauty of my system is that once we identify a challenge such as the “Inner Critic” through Rapid Eye Techniques we can go to the heart of the issue and release the blocks and trauma around self-criticism.

If it is in your hands, it is in your life.   Give me a call at 303 527 1996 if you want to know more.

Release Blocks to Well-Being and Prosperity

Negative emotions like anger, fear, mistrust or overly critical thinking may be getting in the way of having a great relationship, career, social life or even physical and material well-being.

Our hands can reveal our life purpose, and what life lesson or challenges we have that keep us from achieving our purpose. Our life lesson is likely related to where the negative emotional states continually occur. You can release the blocks, stress or negative emotional states with Rapid Eye techniques so that you can begin manifesting your most satisfying and fulfilling life, your Right Life.

Rapid Eye is intrinsically a shorter term process for releasing negative emotions, when we add the understanding of your life lesson — your blind spot or weakest part — we can cut even more quickly through the blocks to your well-being so that you may start living your life with more joy, peace and prosperity.

Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history. ~Joan Wallach Scott

How RET Works with the Destiny in Your Hands

By looking at your hands, we can discover your Life Lesson and the challenges that go along with that lesson.  Also, the hands can show what current stresses and issues you may be experiencing and what strengths you can use to move through them.

The exciting aspect of hand analysis in conjunction with Rapid Eye Techniques (RET) is that the hands can point to your emotional challenges, how you might best work with them, and with RET you begin to release these negative emotional states and blocks that are holding you back.

Once you release the sadness and negative emotional states with Rapid Eye, then by using the strengths your hands reveal, we can design a program for you to develop your own strategies (“build your own rescue kit”) for handling those ongoing challenges that your life brings to you.

As you resolve your past issues and release the blocks to receiving your good, you can start moving towards living and experiencing your Life Purpose, your “Right Life”, where you are finding more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Does “Living in the Flow” Happen for You?

At times our lives can flow and ebb with such beauty and insight and bring us a feeling of satisfaction and joy.  I call this “Living in the Flow” and I believe that happens when we are connecting with and expressing our “Life Purpose”.

Craig Harper says it beautifully in his blog article “Do You Want to Live a More Inspired Life?”

“While my life requires a level of practicality, planning, accountability and structure (like any life), it’s usually when I escape my mind, connect with my inner intelligence and operate from a place of inspiration, instinct and child-like enthusiasm that I feel most connected, authentic, empowered and happy.”

For the whole article by Craig Harper

Where do you find your inspiration, your joy and sense of fulfillment in life?  This is a big clue for what your “Life Purpose” is as it shows in your hands.  There may be gift markers and talents also revealed in your hands and fingers that enhance your possibilities.

How does knowing your life purpose assist you to a more successful, prosperous and fulfilling life?  As we recognize our purpose and then begin using our strengths, talents and desires we can create a life pattern that brings us to experiencing being “connected, authentic, empowered and happy.”

So what are you doing or experiencing in your life when you feel “in the flow”?  How can you enhance that experience in your life?   And what aspects of your self do you need to transform or train to put yourself more into the life you were meant to live?  These are the types of questions that can be revealed in the tapestry of your hands.

What Can I Learn in a Hand Reading?

The first information that comes from your hands is about your Life Path (your school), your unique Life Purpose and your personal Life Lesson.  These three things comprise your first entire hand reading with me, and can take a whole lifetime to experience and perfect!

This information will resonate with who you are, it will feel right at the deepest level of your self.  Once you have had your hands read and these three aspects revealed (together they are called your Soul Psychology), you will not be able to ignore them.  The reading turns on a light, and displays our soul’s path to our Right Life and the gifts and challenges that may slow down or enhance your progress to your most purposeful and meaningful self expression.

Once you see the challenges, you can learn to make friends with them and use them in your personal growth instead of letting them stop your progress.

For example, I have a close family member who was born with a fingerprint on the palm of his hand.  This gives him a tremendous amount of energy that can be channeled positively through taking up a cause or negatively as anger and irritation.  I have known this person for a long time and as a child he expressed a lot of anger and rebelliousness that didn’t make sense; he hadn’t learned how to transmute his negative emotions.  Now that he has knowledge of this challenge, he is turning it into making a difference in the world by using this tremendous source of energy for the good of those around him.

Imagine having the chance to understand, at a deeper level, what is your purpose in life, the thing that comes naturally and easily to you.  And being able to recognize your gifts and move into more and more life situations where you are empowered to use them.

Imagine being able to identify the areas in life that keep bringing challenge and begin to embrace them and move through them with greater awareness.  Areas like, self-worth, hard relationships, strong negative feelings, self-sacrifice, lack of peace, fear of risking, guilt, powerlessness – to name a few. To actually begin to step more into your power by facing and using those challenges to enhance your life.

Schedule a hand reading today by calling me at 303 527 1996 or email.

The Four “Soul-Level Training” Programs

The LifePrints Hand Analysis system has a unique and powerful idea that we are born into one of four “Schools” or “Soul-Level Trainings”.  For each of us, our school is the arena in which we will gain more life satisfaction by paying extra attention to our own growth here.

“Your school…. Is a soul-level initiation, a life-scale training program that works its way into every corner of your life.  At your best, the experiences you garner in your school are highly rewarding and become an integral part of living your life purpose.”

“The four schools (Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service), each represented by one of the main fingerprint types, correspond to the four themes of human development, ranging from the most basic: feeling safe (and balanced) in your body, to the development of awareness and intellect, the recognition of heart and empathy, and finally to the inclination to serve others.”

Richard Unger, “Lifeprints, Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints”

How Can We Have It All?

My hands reveal that my purpose in life is about manifesting, getting results, making things happen.  My life purpose is something I have always done, without anyone telling me how to do it.  Sometimes things manifest easily and sometimes not, but manifesting/creating results is just the way I go about living my life.

Now, as I mentioned in the previous post, manifesting isn’t necessarily going to bring fulfillment to my life.  “Having it All” is about finding the balance.

My tendency is to be very Yang (left brain) in my approach to life:  setting goals, making lists, checking things off the lists, being persistent.  However, the Yin (right brain) part of me suffers, and it is interesting to me that the right brain side of my body is experiencing a lot of pain currently.  Sandy what is that all about?

Yin or Right Brain is about being open and flexible, trusting that it doesn’t all have to be planned out, going with the flow and allowing inspiration to guide me instead of my “plans”.  For me, it’s about balancing.

Balancing: activity with allowing, tasks with touching, focused energy with free flowing movement,schedules with sensation.  It’s about getting more in touch with the present moment, with my body and with my Self.

As I use a simple breathing exercise suggested to me by a Master Hand Analyst, I move into harmony with my Self.  The exercise is to remember, throughout the day, every hour or more, to take a breath, bring it all the way into my body, and with that breath connect and ground to my body, to the earth and to others. Through this connecting comes the balance I need to be in the here and now (the only place the breath exists) and in this perfect present moment I can “Have It All”.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

As I think about my life lesson called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (as shown in my finger prints), it challenges me to make a deep change in my life.  I have always rather prided myself that I am very discerning, and I pay attention to the details of life and work at perfecting the big picture and I get results!

However, it turns out that this is also my stumbling block.  I can find myself taking extra measures to make sure I have a plan and a goal, goals being related to my life purpose.  And in that planning process I lose the spontaneity and freedom of acting in the moment and trusting that the outcome will be perfect.

“My life lesson is the doorway to my life purpose”.  That is one of the most freeing statements that I can make.  This idea is the power behind Hand Analysis, it can keep me from being stuck in my “stuff”.  I can step into my true and most rewarding life by making friends with and working with my life lesson (worry/trust).

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