How RET Works with the Destiny in Your Hands

By looking at your hands, we can discover your Life Lesson and the challenges that go along with that lesson.  Also, the hands can show what current stresses and issues you may be experiencing and what strengths you can use to move through them.

The exciting aspect of hand analysis in conjunction with Rapid Eye Techniques (RET) is that the hands can point to your emotional challenges, how you might best work with them, and with RET you begin to release these negative emotional states and blocks that are holding you back.

Once you release the sadness and negative emotional states with Rapid Eye, then by using the strengths your hands reveal, we can design a program for you to develop your own strategies (“build your own rescue kit”) for handling those ongoing challenges that your life brings to you.

As you resolve your past issues and release the blocks to receiving your good, you can start moving towards living and experiencing your Life Purpose, your “Right Life”, where you are finding more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment on a daily basis.