Hand Analysis

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Image by Lìsa{santacrewsgirl}

Discover Your Destiny

Your fingerprints tell the story of the person you intend to become and the reason you are on the planet.  They indicate your soul psychology and your soul agenda.  The rest of your hand reveals your personality psychology and together you will have a map to begin living your true destiny, your life purpose — your “Right Life”.

Hand Analysis can reveal:

  • Where you will have the greatest fulfillment in life – your Life Purpose
  • The fundamental point of view through which you see, feel and react to the world — your Life School (Is it the School of Love, Wisdom, Service or Peace?)
  • The obstacles or challenges – your Life Lesson — that keep you from your greatest fulfillment
  • What innate strengths and resources you have to work with these challenges and specific goals you can employ to work with them
  • What insights and experiences you need to access to move into your “Right Life”
  • New understanding about your relationships, career choices and creative endeavors

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