Spring/Summer 2011

My work with Sandy has been fascinating and rewarding.

The palm print pointed out the two chief lesson-areas in my life, which I recognized immediately as correct. Sandy and I were strangers to each other (not so now, I am happy to say) and yet she knew exactly what I needed to work on and to heal for my life path to unfold healthily, and she knew it in the very first, half-hour session! I’ve done a lot of therapy in the past, and that does NOT usually happen.

So, I decided to give her other specialty, Rapid Eye Therapy, a try. I’m very glad I did.

RET is hard to explain, so I’ll let Sandy do that. In the first part of the sessions, Sandy and I would just talk, and I found her warmth, openness, and spiritual take on life so right for me, that I didn’t censor any of the “dark” places in my life or thoughts. That’s incredibly valuable in-and-of itself.

Then I would lie down on the couch and Sandy would say aloud phrases (that the creator of RET has linked to different years in our childhood–e.g., age 1, age 5, etc.) according to the year my particular trauma was experienced–stunningly appropriate phrases , I should add—while waving a “wand” in front of my rapidly blinking eyes.

The result was two-fold—the dark experiences would flow out, and the light of Spirit would flow in. That’s a hard combo to beat!

In-between sessions, lots of dark sometimes came up. But I believe we can thank God for that, not Sandy. We are not meant to live with evil, limitations, fear, distortions, old pain, and the like in our emotional, mental, or physical bodies, so it comes up to be cast out and replaced by light, good, happiness, health, etc.

I am very pleased with the work I did with Sandy and highly recommend her to you.

R., Lafayette, CO

May 2011

My first Hand Analysis session with Sandy was truly amazing. Her insights regarding my life’s lessons and my life path were spot on! I also received great value from her suggestions on specifics for me to work on, which I have begun incorporating into my daily life.

Sandy is truly a special lady and gifted healer. I look forward to continuing using the tools I learned from her to become a better person overall, as well as an even more successful business woman.   I can hardly wait for my next session!

Susan W.

February 2010

I’ve had the privilege and benefit of Sandy’s insight, skills and compassion since the late summer of 2006. As my RET master/life coach, I was very effectively and gracefully able to shift and heal from PTSD, relieving the long-term suffering I had experienced from it for many years. Her expertise in this area is priceless to me and I couldn’t have done it without her by my side.

The Hand Analysis she provided me with recently gave me a greater understanding of the road I’ve traveled, and deeply affirmed the steps I am now taking towards the fulfillment of my life’s purpose. I found the analysis to be exactly the encouragement and validation I needed to follow my heart and step out in faith.

Lynne G.


A good friend in Seattle was always worried about her physical safety when driving, especially on I-405.  Several years ago, while driving on 405, she sat in helpless terror as she saw a piece of sheet metal fly off a truck in front of her and hit the underside of her car.  She barely made it off the freeway and to a station, the metal had sheared off her oil pan and ruined her engine.

Her fear continued to grow when the insurance agent explained in detail how dangerous 405 is, how she could have been killed.  That summer, driving on 405 every day, she had another near accident.  By this time she was in constant fear of driving the freeway. Always tense, she didn’t even want to be a passenger on the freeway, much less drive.

During a session of Rapid Eye Therapy, her therapist used RET on this fear.  Afterwards she has commented to me several times that she can’t get over how comfortable she feels driving on 405, even with trucks on both sides of her.  She still knows 405 is a dangerous road — however she is no longer tense or anxious — just alert.

Sandy Schafer