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The initial Hand Analysis session will outline the threads of your Life Purpose and Life Challenge and is based on your finger tips.  This session will give you new insight into your unique path, your true Life Purpose, and the recurring life patterns that hinder you in finding and living  your most fulfilling personal and professional life.

YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS —  Comprehensive Life Reading in 2 Sessions

The first session includes your Life Purpose Revealed, an in-depth reading of your Life Lesson and Life Purpose — your Soul Psychology.  The second session will cover your Personality Psychology, which includes the palm and fingers, the lines, gift and challenge markers, and many other indicators that will shine light on how you can work with your gifts and challenges to begin to improve your health, well being, relationships and business opportunities.



To receive your hand analysis session by phone,  follow the simple  instructions below to get started, first call or email me and:

  • I will send you a hand printing kit with instructions
  • You return the prints by mail
  • We schedule a phone session
  • I will record the session
  • You receive a recording from your session



Rapid Eye is a powerful and rapid process that creates lasting change in old patterns of thought and feeling.  You can release emotional or stressful blocks through this inspired, effective technique.

First session RET (including identification of Life Lesson and Life Purpose)

The first session is 90 min. and includes identification of your Life Lesson and Life Purpose, personal history and release work on your highest priority.

Rapid Eye Follow-up Sessions

RET follow-up sessions are generally 60 minutes.   I suggest 4, 6, or 12 one-on-one sessions depending on what change you wish to achieve.  People usually feel a relief from stress rather quickly, thus 4 sessions might be enough to begin living with less stress from the issue you began with.

To set up an appointment or if you have questions about:

  • Hand Analysis Reading (to explore the destiny in your hands)
  • Rapid Eye Process (to clear blocks that keep you stuck)

For more information or to set up an appointment, email: