Does “Living in the Flow” Happen for You?

At times our lives can flow and ebb with such beauty and insight and bring us a feeling of satisfaction and joy.  I call this “Living in the Flow” and I believe that happens when we are connecting with and expressing our “Life Purpose”.

Craig Harper says it beautifully in his blog article “Do You Want to Live a More Inspired Life?”

“While my life requires a level of practicality, planning, accountability and structure (like any life), it’s usually when I escape my mind, connect with my inner intelligence and operate from a place of inspiration, instinct and child-like enthusiasm that I feel most connected, authentic, empowered and happy.”

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Where do you find your inspiration, your joy and sense of fulfillment in life?  This is a big clue for what your “Life Purpose” is as it shows in your hands.  There may be gift markers and talents also revealed in your hands and fingers that enhance your possibilities.

How does knowing your life purpose assist you to a more successful, prosperous and fulfilling life?  As we recognize our purpose and then begin using our strengths, talents and desires we can create a life pattern that brings us to experiencing being “connected, authentic, empowered and happy.”

So what are you doing or experiencing in your life when you feel “in the flow”?  How can you enhance that experience in your life?   And what aspects of your self do you need to transform or train to put yourself more into the life you were meant to live?  These are the types of questions that can be revealed in the tapestry of your hands.