What Can I Learn in a Hand Reading?

The first information that comes from your hands is about your Life Path (your school), your unique Life Purpose and your personal Life Lesson.  These three things comprise your first entire hand reading with me, and can take a whole lifetime to experience and perfect!

This information will resonate with who you are, it will feel right at the deepest level of your self.  Once you have had your hands read and these three aspects revealed (together they are called your Soul Psychology), you will not be able to ignore them.  The reading turns on a light, and displays our soul’s path to our Right Life and the gifts and challenges that may slow down or enhance your progress to your most purposeful and meaningful self expression.

Once you see the challenges, you can learn to make friends with them and use them in your personal growth instead of letting them stop your progress.

For example, I have a close family member who was born with a fingerprint on the palm of his hand.  This gives him a tremendous amount of energy that can be channeled positively through taking up a cause or negatively as anger and irritation.  I have known this person for a long time and as a child he expressed a lot of anger and rebelliousness that didn’t make sense; he hadn’t learned how to transmute his negative emotions.  Now that he has knowledge of this challenge, he is turning it into making a difference in the world by using this tremendous source of energy for the good of those around him.

Imagine having the chance to understand, at a deeper level, what is your purpose in life, the thing that comes naturally and easily to you.  And being able to recognize your gifts and move into more and more life situations where you are empowered to use them.

Imagine being able to identify the areas in life that keep bringing challenge and begin to embrace them and move through them with greater awareness.  Areas like, self-worth, hard relationships, strong negative feelings, self-sacrifice, lack of peace, fear of risking, guilt, powerlessness – to name a few. To actually begin to step more into your power by facing and using those challenges to enhance your life.

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