The Four “Soul-Level Training” Programs

The LifePrints Hand Analysis system has a unique and powerful idea that we are born into one of four “Schools” or “Soul-Level Trainings”.  For each of us, our school is the arena in which we will gain more life satisfaction by paying extra attention to our own growth here.

“Your school…. Is a soul-level initiation, a life-scale training program that works its way into every corner of your life.  At your best, the experiences you garner in your school are highly rewarding and become an integral part of living your life purpose.”

“The four schools (Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service), each represented by one of the main fingerprint types, correspond to the four themes of human development, ranging from the most basic: feeling safe (and balanced) in your body, to the development of awareness and intellect, the recognition of heart and empathy, and finally to the inclination to serve others.”

Richard Unger, “Lifeprints, Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints”