How Can We Have It All?

My hands reveal that my purpose in life is about manifesting, getting results, making things happen.  My life purpose is something I have always done, without anyone telling me how to do it.  Sometimes things manifest easily and sometimes not, but manifesting/creating results is just the way I go about living my life.

Now, as I mentioned in the previous post, manifesting isn’t necessarily going to bring fulfillment to my life.  “Having it All” is about finding the balance.

My tendency is to be very Yang (left brain) in my approach to life:  setting goals, making lists, checking things off the lists, being persistent.  However, the Yin (right brain) part of me suffers, and it is interesting to me that the right brain side of my body is experiencing a lot of pain currently.  Sandy what is that all about?

Yin or Right Brain is about being open and flexible, trusting that it doesn’t all have to be planned out, going with the flow and allowing inspiration to guide me instead of my “plans”.  For me, it’s about balancing.

Balancing: activity with allowing, tasks with touching, focused energy with free flowing movement,schedules with sensation.  It’s about getting more in touch with the present moment, with my body and with my Self.

As I use a simple breathing exercise suggested to me by a Master Hand Analyst, I move into harmony with my Self.  The exercise is to remember, throughout the day, every hour or more, to take a breath, bring it all the way into my body, and with that breath connect and ground to my body, to the earth and to others. Through this connecting comes the balance I need to be in the here and now (the only place the breath exists) and in this perfect present moment I can “Have It All”.