Don’t Worry, Be Happy

As I think about my life lesson called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (as shown in my finger prints), it challenges me to make a deep change in my life.  I have always rather prided myself that I am very discerning, and I pay attention to the details of life and work at perfecting the big picture and I get results!

However, it turns out that this is also my stumbling block.  I can find myself taking extra measures to make sure I have a plan and a goal, goals being related to my life purpose.  And in that planning process I lose the spontaneity and freedom of acting in the moment and trusting that the outcome will be perfect.

“My life lesson is the doorway to my life purpose”.  That is one of the most freeing statements that I can make.  This idea is the power behind Hand Analysis, it can keep me from being stuck in my “stuff”.  I can step into my true and most rewarding life by making friends with and working with my life lesson (worry/trust).