Our Life Needs as Seen Through Hands

Do you have a need for people to appreciate and value you?  Or do you have a need for structure and consistency in your emotional and material world that makes your life run smoothly?  Or perhaps one of your strong needs is for being seen and recognized by others for your creativity or accomplishments.  Maybe the need to be able to communicate, to be heard and understood by others is what really makes your life seem fulfilling.

As we look at our fingers we can see they might be very long or very short.  They can be very straight or slightly bent or crooked.  As we spread our fingers apart, we might see one finger sticking out from the palm, or others close together.  All these stances of the fingers can be understood by a trained Hand Analyst to show some of the current needs you might have in your life.

Whatever the need revealed in your hands, when it is brought to the light of your awareness through a hand reading, then you can work with it to bring more satisfaction into your life.  That is the beauty of Hand Analysis!

Through the philosophy put forth by Richard Unger in LIFEPRINTS, we can see these challenges and assets — these needs — as stepping stones to experiencing our highest good, our Right Life.