What is Soul Psychology?

In hand analysis (as taught by the International Institute of Hand Analysis) there are two kinds of psychology: Personality Psychology and Soul Psychology.

Personality Psychology is shown through the lines and shapes in our hands, which reveals the nature we have developed over our life.  It is a story of where we are right now.   Lines and shapes can change over time, just as our personality can grow and change.  There are more neurological connections between the brain and the hand than any other part of the body, and the lines reflect the well worn neural pathways that our brains use regularly.

Our Soul Psychology, mapped in our fingerprints, is unique and permanent.  Our prints reveal our hunger for meaning that comes from our deepest nature.  It is as if we made a contract with our Higher Self or Higher Power 16 weeks after conception (when finger prints are formed), to take on our life fulfillment, challenges and the lens through which we see and react to the world.

Our life fulfillment or Life Purpose, is the state of consciousness we want to live in.  It is about the deep core of who we are and transcends our thinking/feeling nature.

Our Life Lesson our least evolved skill on the spiritual and practical level.  It is the part of ourselves that we try to avoid because it is the most uncomfortable to experience.

Our Life School (Love, Service, Wisdom or Peace) is the way we see, feel, act and react to the world most comfortably.  It is our natural response to life, the lens through which we see the world.

The schools are:

  • Love:  Its purpose is for us to gain trust by being willing to recognize and express our authentic emotions in order to find closeness and love through self-acceptance
  • Service:  Its purpose is for us to gain freedom through the desire to help, not control, in order to discover our Self through selfless, joyous service
  • Wisdom:  Its purpose is for us to gain joy in knowledge by participating in life in order to be understood and bring understanding
  • Peace:  Its purpose is for us to gain a deep sense of peace within ourselves in order to experience harmony in the body, in the moment and with the environment

Our Soul sets our destiny/agenda and our Personality is the vehicle for fulfilling our destiny.  The Soul has determined our Purpose and Lesson and School and we need the Personality to realize our Purpose, learn our Lesson and become masters of our School.