What Your Fingers Reveal

In the Hand Analysis method developed by Richard Unger and written about in his book “LifePrints”, he has laid out an accurate and comprehensive system for understanding ourselves.  This system, based on over 30 years of research and more than 52,000 hands read by Unger reveals how our unique and unchangeable finger prints, formed 16 weeks after conception, give each one of us our own personal map to our Life’s Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, in other words to our “Soul Psychology“.

Our finger prints reveal our Soul’s Plan and Purpose and understanding and working with these basic aspects of ourselves can bring us tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment.   Our greatest good in this life can come out of understanding and living from our Life Purpose and our Life School, while seeking to embrace our weakest life skills or our Life Lesson.

Our Life Purpose is where we will have the greatest fulfillment in life.   It is like the swimming stroke we do with great ease, comfort and skill.  Our Purpose is the “I am” we are meant to be.  On a soul level it is our most evolved ability just waiting to be activated.  It is the place where we have a deeply personal sense that life has meaning.

Our Life Lessons are the obstacles or challenges that keep us from our greatest fulfillment.  Our Lesson is the weakest part of our swimming stroke (that left leg that it is hard to kick with), the part of us that needs practice and patience and our greater attention.  It is our least evolved skill on a spiritual and practical level.  It is that part of ourselves we wish we didn’t have and we try to avoid because there’s so much learning and work to do to become aware enough to use it well.

Our Life School is our fundamental point of view through which we see, feel and react to the world   It can be the School of Love, Wisdom, Service or Peace.  The Life School is like the water we swim in.  It’s the way we most usually respond to all our life experiences.

To use the swimming analogy: if we want to BE the person who can DO the breast stroke (Life Purpose), then we must be willing to work on the scissors kick — which is hard for us to do (Life Lesson), and in order to swim we need to get into and learn about the water (Life School).

And our Right Life is the full expression of who we are when we are living our Life Purpose conscious of and embracing our Life Lesson and our Life School.  When we are finding our greatest fulfillment in our daily lives, moving in step with our natural tendencies as we encounter our challenges and successes, then we are experiencing our Right Life.