Be Careful About What You Want

The theme of my life since I was a child has been about manifestation.  Successfully manifesting in a large, rather poor family was a daily challenge and honed my skills for the rest of my life.  As a child I was the one that got the big special Christmas present because I only asked for that one thing, like a new set of luggage, or a new radio or a trip to North Carolina.  Knowing and asking for what you want is key to manifestation, and being careful to know what is important to want is also essential.

Unfortunately, when I was 17 I knew that I wanted to have a relationship with a man (he was 4 years older than me), and so I “wished on a star” every day and visualized and set my intention to be with him.  I got my “wish” and eventually had an unsuccessful marriage with him (except for the beautiful child we brought into the world).  My point is that knowing what we want to manifest is not enough, we need to honor other people and not try to influence them in our manifestation process.