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Learning to Trust

June 25, 2012 After our session today I have some additional thoughts for you. Your little fingers show that you have the Life Lesson of trust, intimacy, surrender and control, as do so many of my clients.  You came to this earth plane with these issues, landing here anxious and not trusting that love, life …

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Let go of the Old and Embrace New Possibilities

On June 22, 2012,  I woke up inspired by a dream. I wanted to start writing about what matters.  I know that you have been impatient to do a deep cleaning in your basement, to rid yourself of years of burdensome clutter. There’s too much stuff, and it’s all mind-sucking trivia. So now it is …

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Does “Living in the Flow” Happen for You?

At times our lives can flow and ebb with such beauty and insight and bring us a feeling of satisfaction and joy.  I call this “Living in the Flow” and I believe that happens when we are connecting with and expressing our “Life Purpose”. Craig Harper says it beautifully in his blog article “Do You …

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