Learning to Trust

June 25, 2012

After our session today I have some additional thoughts for you.

Your little fingers show that you have the Life Lesson of trust, intimacy, surrender and control, as do so many of my clients.  You came to this earth plane with these issues, landing here anxious and not trusting that love, life and your family would catch you and hold and protect you with their loving arms.  The real question was not whether they would catch you, but how you would respond to your Lesson.  And since our Lesson is our blind spot — you acted from your very beginning as though yes indeed, life will not catch and hold you.  And so life confirmed to you what you expected.

The good news is that your Lesson (as the various Lessons everyone has) is showing you how to ultimately turn it into a gift, a strength — which you can then teach to the world.  Imagine how joyous it is to lead others to the realization that they can trust that Life can do nothing but catch and carry them to their greater good as they surrender and trust in the Goodness that is all around them.

Just a reminder that with every blink of your eyes and every beat of your heart you are moving closer and closer to fulfilling your Life Purpose through experiencing and re-framing your Life Lesson into your greatest gift.