Let go of the Old and Embrace New Possibilities

On June 22, 2012,  I woke up inspired by a dream. I wanted to start writing about what matters.  I know that you have been impatient to do a deep cleaning in your basement, to rid yourself of years of burdensome clutter. There’s too much stuff, and it’s all mind-sucking trivia. So now it is time.  When you’re clearing it out, just be sure to allow yourself time to process on an inner level too. You know your basement is reflecting your subconscious state.

You’ve got those lines on your thumbs, you know. I’ve read them and I always want to remind you.  Your hands tell the story of all the worry and doubt that shows up as dysfunction in your subconscious mind.  So take a deep look at the beliefs, the habits, and the attitudes you are clinging to and allow time to release them as you release the clutter.

With the freedom of harmony and order – both inner and outer – you will be able to release your muse and express clearly what matters most to your Soul.  You will be able to put yourself into the flow and move easily and joyfully towards your heart’s desire.

Be patient, this is big work.  Take the time you need to honor the past and gently release it, and with open arms embrace the new and unknown possibilities of your future.