The Inner Critic

In Hand Analysis, we can pinpoint our challenges by the lines, gift marks, shape, even color of the hands.  One such indicator is for the “Inner Critic”.  Recently I was reading hands for a group of people and one person came up to me for a quick look.  I looked at her hands and commented that they were sure yellow.  She said yes, she eats LOTS of carrots.  I pointed out that yellow hands mean that her “Inner Critic” is really active and she almost fell off her chair.  Yes, she had been dealing with that!

The beauty of my system is that once we identify a challenge such as the “Inner Critic” through Rapid Eye Techniques we can go to the heart of the issue and release the blocks and trauma around self-criticism.

If it is in your hands, it is in your life.   Give me a call at 303 527 1996 if you want to know more.