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Jun 25

Learning to Trust

June 25, 2012 After our session today I have some additional thoughts for you. Your little fingers show that you have the Life Lesson of trust, intimacy, surrender and control, as do so many of my clients.  You came to this earth plane with these issues, landing here anxious and not trusting that love, life …

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Sep 07

The Inner Critic

In Hand Analysis, we can pinpoint our challenges by the lines, gift marks, shape, even color of the hands.  One such indicator is for the “Inner Critic”.  Recently I was reading hands for a group of people and one person came up to me for a quick look.  I looked at her hands and commented …

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Mar 27

Release Blocks to Well-Being and Prosperity

Negative emotions like anger, fear, mistrust or overly critical thinking may be getting in the way of having a great relationship, career, social life or even physical and material well-being. Our hands can reveal our life purpose, and what life lesson or challenges we have that keep us from achieving our purpose. Our life lesson …

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Dec 09

How RET Works with the Destiny in Your Hands

By looking at your hands, we can discover your Life Lesson and the challenges that go along with that lesson.  Also, the hands can show what current stresses and issues you may be experiencing and what strengths you can use to move through them. The exciting aspect of hand analysis in conjunction with Rapid Eye …

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